The Garden's Keeper

The Garden's Keeper

They came across a shadow. Just a pinpoint of a shadow. It darted as if someone was scribbling out the light, seen just barely from the corner of one's eye.

"And what are you?", asked Noodle.

The reply came as if it were wind lightly singing through the cracks of window panes.

"I am the garden's keeper. I watch the storm roll in and the rainbows that follow like the joy that eases birthing pains. I watch as the dew the storms leave below is filled with the dancing light from above. I watch the grass grow tall and then weep its children as the wind blows. I watch, and as I eat the pests that come for my flowers, I hear the plants give thanks to the garden's keeper."

She showed them to her web, which she had spun before the night was fully tamed by the dawn. Their eyes darted from dew drop to dew drop, constellations that hung in the sun, and as the light swept over them, the spun threads appeared as a Ferris wheel covered in brightly colored lights.

The bells of fox glow rose like tent spires and the scent of honeysuckle and fresh bread wafted over a garden gate somewhere in the distance. And... strawberries... strawberry flowers from somewhere much closer than the garden gate. The smell tapped them on their shoulder and their noses began to wiggle...

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