The Beginnings of a Grand Mushroom Hunt

The Beginnings of a Grand Mushroom Hunt

... the maps the five snails gave to Noodle and Jelly told of mushrooms. They tried to quiet their excitement but found even the attempt entirely impossible as it felt as if a circus of joyful "eeps" were running up and down their whiskers like they were electrified tightropes.

In hushed voices the snails spoke of mushrooms of every conceivable variety... plus new ones they had never even imagined! Spiraling Moss Caps and Trumpeting Ice Queens and even funny ones that grew on top of one another like stacked villages.

Pouring over the maps they saw not too far from their doorstep the snails had discovered a pocket of Oysters and, just a fence over, fields of Pinwheels!

Some of these were surely still there, just waiting to be gathered. It was this thought that was the first baby steps of a grand mushroom hunt.

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