Size 9, The Keeper of the Garden


"For I am the keeper of the garden, witness to passing storms and stalks whose green turns into the weeping of their children upon the Autumn's ground. I watch the storm roll in and the rainbows that follow like the joy that eases birthing pains. I watch as the dew the storms leave below is filled with the dancing light from above."

This "Keeper of the Garden" ring offerings a web spun in the cradle of the crescent moon. Within it's strings, a large orb of rainbow/blue moonstone; a dew drop forever held in the spider's web.

This pieces has been entirely handcrafted out of thick and solid sterling silver. It weighs approximately .50 ounces and measures approximately 1" x .85" at widest points. It is a size 9 and rests on a split band as shown above.

I'm sorry but I do not offer resizing.

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