Size 8, Strawberry Patch

"And strawberries.... strawberry flowers from somewhere much closer than the garden gate. The smell tapped their shoulders and made their noses wiggle.

A cascade of unstoppable events was set into motion. The Garden's Keeper, the one who watches the forest bend to the Northern wind, could recognize when an event had been set into motion that could be stopped. In days that grew dark, she saw tiring trees throw themselves at the sound of the rushing wind, spilling themselves out across the sky. Just as there was no halting that storming sky, there was no halting these tiny creatures whose tummies rumbled and whose wiggling noses now flushed two darker shades of pink."

This strawberry patch offers carved emerald leaves tucked next to blooming flowers and tiny little strawberries beginning to grow. The large stone is a piece of included quartz (brilliant red hematite and black goethite) whose berry peppering glitters at certain angles.

Handcrafted entirely out of solid sterling silver, this piece rests on a split band lined with flowers as shown above. It is a size 8, measures 1.25" x 1" at widest points and weighs approximately .50 ounces.

I'm sorry but I currently am unable to resize pieces.

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