Size 6.5, Beneath the Ferns, Cat-Eye Aquamarine/Goshenite/Morganite


"As the breeze of the afternoon ushered in the dimming sun of evening, they fell asleep below the ferns, dreaming of a world in which too much strawberry jam would never make you sick and always be better than too little or just right."

This "Beneath the Ferns" piece offers a fern who holds its own stars in its leaves, unfurling beneath a piece of rare beryl. The top of this shield of beryl is pale aquamarine with cat-eye flash, which the bottom is pale morganite. Both of these are so pale they border on goshenite (which is colorless beryl) however they contain the necessary minerals to produce a faint coloring of blue/pink. A truly unique and rare stone! A little piece of magical moon, sure to guard any wearer be it day or night as the ferns guard the little creatures who sleep beneath them.

Entirely handcrafted out of fine and sterling silver. Measuring approximately 1.90" x .75" at widest points. A size 6.5, resting on a double split decorative band as shown above.

I am unable to re-size pieces at this time. As always, all stones are artisan cut and ethically sourced and as in this case, of exceptional quality.

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