Size 11.5, Bed of Ferns, Sterling Silver


"The ferns took notice of the small creatures who sought shelter beneath them and, instead of proudly reaching out to touch the falling shoots of moonlight, they bent low and spoke to one another. Their hushed voices shared the curiosity of such small creatures who mumbled in their sleep strange things which were hard to understand but sounded like "pass the jam" and "one more bite". It was decided. The ferns would let go of nightly ritual and cast their leaves together. In an exhale, the smaller ones fell upon the slumbering friends. Their overlapping stems wove a blanket and the unfurled spirals tucked themselves behind small ears to act as pillows. The older and highest reaching ferns bravely formed a canopy to which would deny the wind and any stirrings from those who were not friends."


This "Bed of Ferns" piece offers your very own guardian fern, curled about your finger.

Entirely handcrafted out of solid sterling silver on a thin band. Measuring approximately 1" x 1" at widest points. A size 11.5, resting on a single band as shown above.

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