Size 10, Great Forest Fern, Cat-Eye Green Tourmaline


"As the breeze of the afternoon ushered in the dimming sun of evening, they fell asleep below the ferns, dreaming of a world in which too much strawberry jam would never make you sick and always be better than too little or just right."

This "Great Forest Fern" ring offers a large fern unfurling to reveal a pool of tourmaline - one which shines the color of fresh, spring-green growth.

Entirely handcrafted out of fine and sterling silver. Measuring approximately 1" x .75" at widest points and weighs approximately .35 ounces. A size 10, resting on a nice weight split decorative band as shown above.

I am unable to re-size pieces at this time. As always, all stones are artisan cut and ethically sourced and as in this case, of exceptional quality.

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