Pendant, Strawberry Candies


"Strawberry Jam was Jelly's favorite. The thicker the better. The kind of syrupy sweet that made your mouth feel like it was made of peanut butter and your stomach ache before the first mouthful was swallowed.

Noodle didn't care for Jam, but he did care for Jelly. So when it was suggested they take back their lucky discovery to bake candies and sweet spreads, Noodle was all too eager to agree. They piled up as many strawberries as their baskets could carry (which wasn't even a pocketful for you or I) and declared they would go mushroom hunting another day. Today had been claimed by unexpected treasure, found in the singing call of a strawberry patch."

This "Strawberry Candies" pendant offers a piece of "candy" whose glow is simply put... striking! Candy red and carved into a strawberry, this vintage piece of glass is the perfect candy. Paired with emerald leaves, blooming strawberry flowers and little droplets of sugar.


Handcrafted entirely out of solid sterling silver, this piece measures approximately 1.6" x 1.1" at widest points (including bail) and weighs approximately .70 ounces. It is strung on a thick rope chain as shown above which is sterling silver and is included! Chain measures 18" long. It has been given a medium patina and then a high polish on both top and back.

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