Earrings, Strawberry Patch


"Strawberry Jam was Jelly's favorite. The thicker the better. The kind of syrupy sweet that made your mouth feel like it was made of peanut butter and your stomach ache before the first mouthful was swallowed."

These Strawberry Patch earring set features "strawberry" drops of tanzurine with silver leaves (cast from real strawberry leaves!!) dangling from long 1.5" loops. The loops are "kidney style" in which it tucks into itself for ease, peace of mind and security.

Each measures approximately:

2.3" x .75" at widest points and 2.5" x .75" at widest points.


4.03 grams/.14 ounces and 3.91 grams/.138 ounces

Handcrafted out of fine and sterling silver. Given a dark patina and then a high polish on front and back. The backs of the stones have been given cut-outs! So these stones will glow with the light.

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