Earrings, Beneath the Ferns, Emerald


"As the breeze of the afternoon ushered in the dimming sun of evening, they fell asleep below the ferns, dreaming of a world in which too much strawberry jam would never make you sick and always be better than too little or just right."

This "Beneath the Ferns" earring set offers large shields of emeralds, as the ferns shield those who take refuge below. Each of these emeralds shows offer the great geometric patterning of emerald crystal growth, of green rods against black host. Above, large ferns have fully unfurled to dangle the stones below.

Entirely handcrafted out of fine and sterling silver. Measuring approximately 2.90" long including earring loops (2.10" without the earring loop). Weighing: 8.34g/8.65g or .2942oz/..3049oz each. They have been given a dark grey patina and then finished with a brushed/satin finish.

I am unable to re-size pieces at this time. As always, all stones are artisan cut and ethically sourced and as in this case, rare, genuine and valuable.

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