Dreams of the Grand Mushroom Hunt


...And that night, as their little ears twitched and the small snores left soft smiles, they dreamed of the grand adventure to come. In their dreams, even the moon was a mushroom.

This pendant features one of my favorite pieces of moss agate ever - one that is filled with a scene of mushrooms amongst heavy forest moss.

An all natural piece of moss agate (including color as well!) is held by silver and surrounded by a mushrooms, damp leaves and rich earth. The mushroom has been cast from the real thing! Harvest from my forest and the moon is covered in tiny dots calling to images of a red and white mushroom cap.

Measuring approximately 2" x 1.5" at widest points. Weighing approximately 1.30 ounces. Handcrafted out of solid sterling and fine silver, and strung on a thick chain of 17" length.

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